Water Supply System Faizabad – Distribution Networks in NTLZ and NTHZ Zones

KfW awarded OHG the contract to design and build Faizabad Water Supply and Distribution Network that included water supply system, water distribution mains, chambers, valves, joints, bends, air valves, wash outs, valves and hydrants, standpipes, house connection and other equipment and elements. The Water Supply Distribution system was implemented in NTLZ and NTHZ zones. ü […]

ANA Camp Shaheen WWTP, Mazar-e-Sharif

Omran was awarded the contract for design/build of the a WWTP at Camp Shaheen in Balkh Province. The project involves design, upgrade and construction of a wastewater treatment, fuel storage (40,000 liters), power generators, power and electrical systems, mechanical systems, water well, access ramp to settling bond, emergency backup power, WWTP upgrade, pump house upgrade, […]

ANP O&M KPA Waste Water System Upgrades, Kabul Police Academy, Kabul

Omran was awarded the Design and Construction of a WWTP, Wastewater Collection System and demolition of then the existing sewer facilities inside the Kabul Police Academy. Omran Performed all Design/Build Services on this project. The work included a new centralized wastewater system including new gravity sanitary sewer mains, lift stations, force mains, manholes, waste water […]

Project Description