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Even with offices worldwide, our team still finds a way to collaborate and continue learning together.

Welcome to the Omran Inc Careers Page!

At Omran Inc, our success lies in the dedication and talent of our team members. We are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive work environment that fosters professional growth, innovation, and collaboration.

Join our team and embark on a rewarding career that allows you to make a significant impact on the design, construction, and development industry.

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Winning Team

Our team’s excellence has helped Omran Inc. multiple prestigiious awards in our field.


Why Choose Omran Inc?

Two words: Professional Development.
We invest in the growth and development of our employees. At Omran Inc, you’ll have access to ongoing training programs, workshops, and mentoring opportunities.
We encourage continuous learning and provide the resources needed to enhance your skills and expertise. 

Challenging Work

As a leading player in the industry, Omran Inc. offers exciting and diverse projects across various industries, including government, commercial, energy, construction, development and custom work. You’ll have the opportunity to work on high-profile initiatives that shape the environment and contribute to the success of our clients.

Global Presence

With offices in the USA, Istanbul, Afghanistan and Dubai, Omran Inc. has a global presence that provides opportunities for cross-cultural collaboration and exposure to international projects. We value diversity and appreciate the richness it brings to our work.

Work-Life Balance

We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. At Omran Inc, we strive to create a supportive environment that allows our employees to thrive both personally and professionally. We offer flexible work arrangements and comprehensive benefits packages to promote well-being and job satisfaction.

Team Collaborations

We foster a collaborative and inclusive culture where every team members’ contributions are valued and respected. At Omran Inc, you’ll work alongside talented professionals who are passionate about their work. We believe in teamwork and leverage our collective expertise to deliver exceptional results.

Innovation and Sustainability

Omran Inc is committed to innovation and sustainability in all aspects of our work. We embrace cutting-edge technologies, design methodologies, and sustainable practices to create projects that are efficient, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible. Join us in shaping a better and more sustainable future.

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Available Positions:

We are always seeking talented individuals to join our team. Here are some of the positions we frequently hire for:

If you are passionate about the design, construction, and development industry and want to be part of a dynamic and innovative team, we invite you to explore our current job openings and submit your application through our online portal.

Join Omran Inc and embark on a rewarding career where you can contribute to shaping the future of the built environment while achieving personal and professional growth. We look forward to welcoming you to our team!

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