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Our comprehensive power solutions are meticulously designed to meet the escalating energy demands of communities and industries alike.

At OMRAN, our expertise extends across the domains of design, construction, and our collaborative partnership with USLUEL ENERGY, boasting decades of exceptional project experience in this field. We are wholeheartedly committed to crafting holistic and sustainable power solutions that not only fulfill but also surpass the ever-growing energy needs of our valued clients and the broader community. 

With an emphasis on innovative energy solutions, we excel in:

Founded in 1968, Usluel Group is a leading Engineering and Construction Group of companies for Energy, Telecommunications, Transportation Infrastructure, Land Development, Office and Housing Construction, and a committed partner to Omran, Inc.

Usluel Group has engineered and constructed over 4.000 kilometers of high voltage energy transmission lines, over 3.000 MVA substations and switchyards, urban electricity distribution networks of various locations, telecommunication projects, housing and office construction projects under every climatic and geographical condition.

Through advanced technologies industry best practices, and our partnership with USLUEL, we deliver efficient power infrastructure that ensures reliable electricity supply in both urban and remote areas.

As a prime contractor for the US Army Corps of Engineers since 2004, Omran Inc. has successfully managed and delivered over 100 contracts to the U.S. Army, USAID, Department of State and the Department of Defense.

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Recent Power Projects

Whether partnering on water and wastewater projects, power infrastructure, design/build initiatives, construction management, procurement and logistics, or real estate development, Omran Inc stands ready to provide exceptional service, quality outcomes, and sustainable solutions that contribute to the progress and success of our clients’ ventures.

Supply, Construction, and Commissioning of 220 kV Salang TunnelSubstation and 20 kV Network , Parwan Province, Afghanistan

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FMS Qala e Naw Generators, Badghis

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"An overall excellent performance in quality, scheduling, safety, and employee relations."

“The workmanship, safety, scheduling for the TMC and Firing Range are excellent. Omran has and continues to demonstrate overall excellent performance in quality, scheduling, safety, and employee relations. Omran has and continues to apply effective value engineering, using construction methods that expedited enhanced the projects. Omran has and continues to demonstrate effective, customer – satisfying turn-over of the completed TMC and Firing Range Facility. Omran has and continues to produce quality finished products on schedule. Omran has and continues to demonstrate an exemplary safety record.”
Patricia Rehmat
COR of the Troop Medical Clinic and ANA Training Ranges Mazar-e-Sharif
‘Zero Accident’ Policy

We Strive to Ensure That Omran is a Safe, and Healthy Place to Work.

We conduct operations in compliance with applicable OSHA, and local regulations, and Safety and Environment guidelines and standards.

We have a Safety Management System in place with a ‘Zero Accident’ policy which engages all employees and subcontractors to actively improve HSE Performance on our project sites.

We have 50+ Health and Safety managers, and we actively provide managers and employees at all levels with new training programs to supplement their skills and ensure that they are capable of completing all their tasks efficiently and safely.


Elevating Sustainability in Construction: Building for a Greener Future

Omran Inc., is dedicated to sustainable practices in design, construction, and development. Here are a few ways we ensure environmental stewardship:

We have strategic partners and a large network of local and international offices which enables us to offer our clients the dual advantage of a strong national presence backed by international experts and a broad geographic reach.


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