Lot No. 7 Project

Lot–7 covers four roads, the first location is Charahi Lab-e-Jar – Charahi Panjsad Family in District 11 and second location is Charahi Tanzif – Charahi Lab-e-Jar in District 4, Kabul city. Similarly, the third location is Charahi Parwan-3 – Charahi Tanzif in District 4 and the forth location is Mariam High School Road, Khesht-e-Hokhtif – […]

Road-CERP Ghazni to Nawur Road, Ghazni

Omran was awarded the Design / Build of approximately 20 Km of asphalt-paved road in Ghazni Province. This project includes, but is not limited to, the survey, design, and construction of a roadway which includes a 7m-wide paved (120 mm asphalt) carriageway with 1.5m asphalt shoulders from Ghazni District (Start: 33.56612 N, 68.41169 E) to […]

Salang Tunnel Improvements, Salang Pass, Parwan

This was a design built contract and contractor performed all Design, Engineering, procurement, Build and Construction management. the follwing activities performed during design and construction period of this project. Site Survey / Master Planning/A-E Design; Geotechnical Laboratory Testing; As-Built Drawings Design Build Facilities: Tunnel Ventilation Power Plant Government Field Office North Approach Pavement Km # […]

Project Description