Omran Holding Group is one of the first and largest local manufacturers of mechanical/electrical components and wastewater treatment packages in the country. Certified under T?V license, OHG fabricates large and complex electrical/mechanical components including cable tray and ladder, electrical panel boards, fire rated and hallow metal doors, steel widows and steel light posts. Another important fabrication effort OHG rigorously embark on has been local production of wastewater treatment packages under the license of Aeromix Systems Inc. Previously; fabrication of wastewater treatment packages were performed in the U.S. and were shipped to Afghanistan for clients operating in the country. Now that OHG has embarked on the initiation, lead time and shipment cost of wastewater package delivery is not an issue any more.

WWTP Packages

Backed by Aeromix Systems Inc., a subsidiary of the RWL Group _ USA, company based in Minneapolis, MN, USA. OHG has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing wastewater treatment equipment in the country. OHG services include fabrication, installation, assembling, start-up, and troubleshooting of WWTP steel packages under Aeromix license with their direct supervision in Afghanistan. OHG