Omran was awarded the design and construction of ANA Training Range Complex at the Afghan National Army Brigade, Camp Shaheen in Mazar-e-Sharif, Balk Province, Afghanistan by the US Army Corps of Engineers.The project consists of design and construction of one range complex with 8 new ranges, and related roads and support facilities for the Afghanistan National Army at Camp Shaheen Afghanistan.

The work in this project requires provision of design, material, labor, and equipment to construct the following buildings, parking, utilities, and other infrastructure: observation towers, covered mess areas, sidewalks and parking, classroom, weapon breakdown and ammo distribution building, security detail office building, utility storage building, covered bleachers, guard shack, and optional lighting and fencing to control and protect range support facilities.

The Project Scope includes the following Features:

  • More than 1.2 million square meters of Deep Demining
  • More than 100,000 m2 access road, perimeter road and parking
  • Force protection system (more than 12,250 m fencing around the ranges, guard shack and required security gates).
  • 8 Observation towers with safety flag poles, stand approximately 10 m high
  • 8 Ammunition supply points
  • 8Covered Mess Bleacher at each range
  • ROCA Facilities
  • 8500 meter storm drainage system/ Erosion Control System
  • 8 fire ranges including rifle range/pistol range, heavy machine gun range, RPG/SPG range, Mortar Range, Hand Grenade familiarization range, fire and movement range and UXO demolition Area.

The Project is classified as one of the best USACE-AEN projects both from a quality and timeliness stand point. The project was commissioned and handed over to USACE-AED on 20th January 2011.