salang corridor repair and maintenance

The objective of this project is to maintain a trafficable condition at the current or an improved Level of Service for 83 km of the Salang Highway from Jabal Seraj to Khenjaan.  A trafficable condition is defined as a road that is passable at all times and Level of Service being defined by the number of deficiencies per kilometer of highway.

national army regional military training center

The project consists of the construction for completion of the Afghanistan National Army Regional Military Training Center (RMTC) adjacent to the Corps Support Battalion (CSB) at Camp Hero, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. The RMTC is an ANA Military Training Establishment which will house approximately 3,000 personnel consisting of trainees and staff.


The project was including of the following items:

The project consists of the design, site adaptation and construction of; new permanent facilities in an expanded area of New Camp Scorpion; new permanent Training Obstacle Course, Fast Roper Insertion and Extraction System (FRIES) Tower within the existing perimeter of New Camp Scorpion;


The Project Photo

The work in this contract is to complete the design and construction of a partially completed 2-Story Afghanistan National Police (ANP) Uniformed Police District Headquarters. This project is defined as the management, planning, design, material, labor, and equipment to site adapt and complete construction of all utilities, vehicular access, buildings, force protection measures, site security, mine clearance activities, and other features. The project is located in Injil District, Herat Province.

This project consists of the design and construction of site improvements and construction of facilities to support the Afghanistan National Border Police (ANBP) Units in Afghanistan. This project is defined as the management, design, material, labor, and equipment to design and construct and/or refurbish all utilities, roads, buildings, force protection measures


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