Omran Holding Group (OHG) provides life-cycle services to government agencies, as well as commercial clients and public-private partnerships. OHG has planned, designed and built several military bases, highways, bridges and has improved tunnels, aprons and aviation facilities for development and improvement of Afghanistan.

OHG designed and built several hospitals and medical facilities that enable medical efficiencies, while fulfilling the needs of patients. Our expertise encompasses government, recreational, and industrial facilities. In addition, we design and build dams, levees and reservoirs to curtail flooding, provide irrigation and drinking water, and generate hydroelectric power.

Transportation Infrastructure

Salang Pass

Omran Holding Group (OHG) provides the full range of services required to plan, design, build, operate and maintain transportation projects for public and private developers. We have worked on several types of highway, bridge, tunnel, and interchanges in the country. OHG delivers world-class services for all aspects of the planning and design process, from land use and master planning, route planning, alternatives analyses, environmental impact statements, traffic studies, Survey and GIS, highway and road design, bridge, to retaining structures and storm water design. Our program and construction management expertise has helped clients achieve cost, schedule, and quality objectives on hundreds of transportation assignments.


Dih Yak, Ghazni,

Omran Holding Group (OHG) has provided aviation services for airports and military facilities. Our services include environmental studies, engineering and architectural design for terminals, storages, hangars, and cargo buildings; and systems design for fueling, baggage handling, and communications. In this front we provide program and construction management, construction, and operations and maintenance services.

Dam and Hydraulic

Omran Holding Group (OHG) offers a full range of planning, design, construction, program and construction management services across the water resource industry. OHG offers design of new dams and reservoirs, upgrades to existing dams, design of hydropower and conventional tunneling, and microtunneling projects.

Building Facilities

ANA O&M KMTC Drainage Rehab
Kabul, Afghanistan

In recent years, the Construction business at Omran has been thriving due to an increase in national and international investment. We support & execute construction projects throughout Afghanistan as Prime Vendor to Afghan and U.S. Governments.

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