I am delighted to present to you a company that has proudly delivered the right engineering, construction, mining and environmental services and solutions to its private and public sector clients for the past ten years. Since its inception in 2004 Omran Holding Group (OHG) has been standing apart from its competitors through a team of talented, experienced and dedicated Afghans and international staff.

OHG is an Afghan success story. What started as a small Construction, Engineering and Consultancy Company in 2004, OHG has grown to become a leading Afghan company. Since its inception OHG has completed over 140 projects for variety of clients such as United States Corps of Engineering, US Embassy, USAID and the Government of Afghanistan.

Today, our group of companies exists of Omran Holding, Group, GreenTech Construction & Engineering Co., Omran Geotechnical Co., and Omran Steel Tech in Afghanistan, Omran Resources Development and Omran Gulf in the United Arab Emirates and Capitalize Omran in Washington, DC. Recently we entered the Turkish market under the name of Omran İnşaat A.Ş

I am confident that our unwavering commitment to extraordinary performance will continue to enable us to grow further to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

I believe we are well positioned to stay a major player in our field of work for the next 10 years.

In closing, on behalf of the OHG family and our entire company, we want to thank our many clients we have served over the last 25 years and look forward to our future opportunities. We truly value all of the strong relationships we have developed and will continue to foster those relationships in the years to come.