Omran Holding Group has a number of affiliated companies. These companies are independently managed and licensed. The intent of creating such a diverse yet synergized group of companies is to compliment the capabilities of OHG with specialized expertise. 



Omran Geotechnical Co. is a United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) certified geotechnical firm that provides geotechnical engineering, laboratories, field investigation, rock mechanics, data analysis, geo-hydrological investigations, dam site investigation including boring and sampling (300-1000 meters), mining lab and mining engineering services consisted of petrography of minerals, environmental, geotechnical and geological studies, water well development and underground water engineering, oil and gas field investigations

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Omran Steel Tech has been striving to manufacture quality products for our customers and thus initiated intensive plans to standardize production, obtaining ITA, IEC 60439 tests for electrical cable under TÜV License. Omran Steel Tech produce and assembles electrical components, electrical panel boards, control panels, cable trays, hoods and louvers, volume control and alarm systems, security lights, fire rated doors, and dampers. Our products are pre-approved by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Transatlantic Division North 

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Green Tech Company is a specialized, well-reputed environmental company committed to providing high quality, cost-effective environmental services in the country. Their area of specialty include baseline environmental assessment (BEA), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), solid waste management, air quality study and monitoring, water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plant manufacturing and installation and laboratory services.


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GES is specialized in topographical survey, underground utility survey and mapping, remote sensing, photogrammetry and GIS services. GES provides mapping and topographical surveying services using tremble GPS Stations, Leica total stations, Hi-Mode-Geo Radar equipment. They provide airborne photogrammetric services through close partnership with companies based in the Middle East and Germany 


Omran Resource Development (ORD), based in Dubai, UAE provides management and consultancy services in mining and energy. With its prime focus on Afghanistan and Central Asia.